When set up correctly, the Sets feature is an efficient way to organize, navigate and make the latest drawings accessible to all members of your project team. Gain insight into the preplanning, maintenance and features of Sets so you can leverage their full power with the least amount of downtime. Learn how to create and search Sets, organize drawing revisions, update hyperlink paths and more, as well as how to leverage Tags to create, configure and manage Sets using information already found in a document.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Best practices for creating a Set.
  • How to manage drawing revisions and update hyperlink paths efficiently to limit downtime of drawing sets
  • How to use additional Sets tools for additional options of presenting information
  • Best practices in closing out a Set and providing it to the owner or client after closeout

Course Level: Basic

***Approved for one AIA CES Learning Unit***


Michael Utter (Executive Construction)