The AEC process spins off many different types of data as a project progresses from the design phase into construction and ends at closeout. Access to this project data is critical to aid in the success of a project. There is a need for a centralized, simple, lightweight, up-to-date and user-friendly interface that all stakeholders can use. Using Revu, you can create powerful PDF dashboards to act as a launchpad for connecting users to a project’s data.

Learn more about:

  • Why dashboards are super powerful tools to easily communicate project data.
  • The many forms and types of dashboards.
  • How to access information other than PDFs in dashboards.
  • How dashboards can be used from start to finish of a project, and why they are fun to develop and use!


Course Level: Advanced

***Approved for one AIA CES Learning Unit***


Myles Martin (Rozas Ward Architects)