We will demonstrate a workflow for using Bluebeam Studio to create drawing sets that contain all project information. Learn how to use the layers functionality to produce final sets that can be catered to the recipient, whether it is an owner, future contractor or an internal department. We will also show you how to develop a tool set with pre-set tools that can be distributed to other team members, ensuring that markups made on the drawings are assigned to the correct layer and remain uniform in style and format.

In this session, learn more about:

  • How to set up Studio Projects and ensure users have correct access and permissions.
  • How to create a tool set which allows for users to use specific markups and ensure that they are saved on the proper layer
  • How to set up Studio Projects to facilitate large volumes of construction drawings and team members
  • How to utilize the created layers to produce as-builts and progress sets for clients and record sets for internal use


Course Level: Intermediate

***Approved for one AIA CES Learning Unit***


Jesse White (VCC)