Forget BIM—coordinate in 2D with Revu! Sometimes there isn’t enough time, money or complexity in a project to warrant 3D spatial coordination, but this doesn’t mean quality coordination isn’t still needed. Learn how to accomplish overhead spatial coordination and floor penetration coordination on a project with Bluebeam Revu and Studio Projects. File distribution through shop drawing submittals can all be accomplished with Bluebeam solutions, and we’ll show you how. Expect to see project superintendents and VDC managers alike attending this class, learning how to save money, work faster and coordinate more projects.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Understanding when 2D coordination may be faster, easier and cheaper than 3D coordination
  • Who should really be doing the coordination for your project
  • Building a composite PDF from Revit or AutoCAD using Revu
  • Using VisualSearch to aid in clash detection

Course Level: Advanced

***Approved for one AIA CES Learning Unit***


Mark Decker (Jacobsen Cosntruction)